Comfy Kitty Cattery

About Us

10 Spacious rooms, 8 with outside areas
A quiet location for maximum relaxation
Fuss and cuddles available on request

Claire established the Comfy Kitty Cattery in 2008 and is delighted to report that it has been a great success. Cats and kittens alike are returning again and again.

Claire has a wealth of experience working with and looking after animals. Over the years she has adopted many unwanted and poorly treated dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, and even a sheep!

Having recently extended the cattery, she now has 10 rooms available and looks forward to welcoming cats as if they were her own.

The Comfy Kitty Cattery offers a small, friendly environment that will be a home from home for family pets.

“Flash is a rescue cat and is a bit unpredictable but at Claire’s he is very happy & content, I don’t think he would be bothered if we didn’t collect him he seems really settled.  Claire is wonderful with him & the cattery is beautiful. I would be happy to stay there myself. “

Liz Betts

The Comfy Kitty Cattery offers your pet a homely, comfortable place to lodge while you are away. They'll enjoy their holiday as much you do!


Mobile. 07851 286838

Licence Holder - Claire Thompson

Licence No. AA35828